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Live Tooling
(48 dia x 512 C.C.)

TUR930MNx4M CNC Lathe
36.6"swing x157.5" between centers, 5.5"Bore, Fanuc 21iT Control. New 2013

L&L 950-6M
(5) Bed Way Heavy Duty CNC Lathe, 37.4 Cutting Dia. x 236.2 between centers w/programmable tailstock and hydraulic steady rests. 9" dia spindle bore. Boring bar attachment. New 2012

Gurutzpe Model B1400
Heavy Duty 5-axis CNC Lathe, 63/48 x 511" swing over carriage 48", distance between centers 44'; live tooling

MTR Ravensburg
Hollow Center-drive Spindle CNC Lathe with (3) Tool Stations. Capable of machining bars 20" dia. x 40' Long (30,000 Lbs. Max.)

Poreba CNC LatheTPL90A2N
36"/21" swing x 160" between centers, 8" dia. spindle bore

Poreba CNC Lathe
TPK9OA2N, 36"/21 " swing x 118" between centers

Tie Bar Machining Large Diameter Hydraulic Cylinder Stepped Long Shaft Machining

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