Magnesium Gooseneck Reconditioning
Hot Chamber Magnesium Gooseneck Reconditioning is a specialty of Kelm Acubar. Here is an example of a 63 Ton and a 650 Ton Gooseneck which we have reconditioned. This process can include the following operations:

1.) Re-boring gooseneck I.D.
2.) Drilling out feed holes & re-plugging
3.) Reconditioning nozzle taper
4.) Re-threading damaged lifting holes
5.) Re-nitriding.
The integrity of Hot Chamber Magnesium Goosenecks can be significantly affected by varying operating parameters. It is important to recognize when a part is out of tolerance so that it can be properly reconditioned for continued service.

Kelm Acubar has more than 30 years experience with Hot Chamber Magnesium Goosenecks and knows how to recondition them for maximum service.