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Tie Bars

Kelm Acubar manufactures OEM and aftermarket Tie Bars up to 6000 Ton. Standard materials used include, AISI-1045, AISI-4140HT, AISI-4340HT. Chrome plating, induction hardening, shot peening and thread rolling are examples of some of the operations that can be included in the manufacturing process. We have a rich history of experience and can make recommendations for your replacement tie bars to assure superior performance and longevity.
We can produce any kind of special thread or groove configuration including variations of trapezoidal or buttress geometries, and can match mark nuts with tie bars to assure ease of installation. We can also offer tie bar repair for reduced cost and quicker turnaround.

:: Tie Bars up to 6000 Ton
       Buttress, Grooved, or Threaded
       Flame or Induction Hardened
       Chrome Plated
       Shot Peened
:: Tie Bar Nuts
       Steel, Bronze, Geared, Sprocket, Split
:: Cylinders
       Up to 40" Diameter

:: Clamp Ends
       Up to 800 Ton
:: Link Sets
       Up to 1200 Ton
:: Piston Rods
       Chrome Plated

Link Set Geared Tie Bar Nut with Sprocket Teeth Diecast Clamp End

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