Clamp Ends

Why get a clean & paint job, when you can have your Clamp End properly reconditioned by Kelm Acubar?

Reconditioning the Clamp Ends of your machine is an extremely important undertaking. If you want the longest possible service life of your reconditioned Clamp Ends, it is imperative that they be properly rebuilt.
Keys to a properly reconditioned Clamp End include:

    1. Complete disassembly and inspection
        of all components,
    2. Reboring of all bushing holes to OEM
        locations and tolerances,
    3. Using high quality replacement parts
        and materials.
    4. Re-assembly with a properly designed
        and metered lubrication system.

Kelm Acubar is an OEM supplier of Clamp End parts, so we know how to properly recondition this very important component of your machine.